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More uses the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network, click here to learn more.

The mobile products of More provide a mobile coverage footprint of 98.8% of the Australian population, covering more than 1.6 million square kilometres.

Download speeds are capped at 100Mbps on the 100GB plan. Download speeds are capped at 250Mbps on the 250GB and 400GB plans. This is the maximum potential download speed. Typical speeds may often be slower and will vary due to factors such as location, device capabilities, distance from the base station, location conditions, concurrent users, hardware and software configuration and download/upload destination.


Mobile broadband is a SIM only service delivered over a mobile network that gives you the ability to access the Internet and related data services via a wireless connection using a compatible tablet or mobile broadband device. 

A More Mobile Broadband Data Plan gives you a monthly data allowance in line with your selected plan for use within Australia.  You have the choice of purchasing a mobile broadband device from us for use with your plan or using your own BYO compatible device.

Mobile broadband is perfect for when you’re on the go and provides you with an alternative or backup to your fixed line broadband service in case something goes wrong. Mobile broadband is designed specifically to enable access to the internet and cannot be used to make phone calls or send SMS or MMS. 

Mobile broadband and wireless broadband are both powered by 3G, 4G and 5G mobile networks that connect your mobile devices to the Internet. However, the difference between the two is that mobile broadband is a portable Internet connection, whereas wireless broadband is designed for use as an at home Internet connection, providing an alternative to nbn™ or fixed line connection.
You can monitor your usage and manage your spend using the Self Care Portal or by calling us on 1800 733 368.  When you reach 100% of your monthly data allowance, we will temporarily pause your service until the start of your next billing period, meaning that you won’t incur any excess data charges.
You can purchase the Mobile Broadband (MBB) Inseego 5G Indoor Router FX200 from us with your service for a once-off up-front fee. The pricing and specifications for this router are available here.

Alternatively, you can choose to BYO your own compatible MBB device or tablet.

You can refer to our Quick Start Guide for instructions on how to set up the Inseego Wavemaker 5G Indoor Router. 
More’s Mobile Broadband plan uses parts of Telstra’s 5G, 4G and 3G mobile networks. Telstra's Wholesale network reaches more than 98.8% of the Australian population and covers more than 1.6 million square kilometres of the Australian landmass. The coverage map can be found here.

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