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From 1 July 2023, due to the completion of the sale of IF Telecom, the service(s) under your IF Telecom account will be moved to us – More Telecom, and we’ll then be your service provider.

What this means for you

It seems like a big change. But rest assured, the More team are here and ready to support you through the transition.

Have a mobile service? You’ll need to migrate to a new mobile SIM and plan. As part of this change, More will migrate your mobile service(s) to a new SIM card and plan. We will send you another email shortly with more information on the upcoming migration of your mobile service.

What else is changing on and from 1 July 2023: 

  • New payment details
    From your next invoice, you’ll notice that there are new billing details to pay your invoice. You’ll need to ensure you delete any saved billing details you have from IF Telecom and use the new billing details for More, including if you have a credit card direct debit set up with IF Telecom.
    Note: if you have a bank account direct debit set up with IF Telecom, these details will be transferred to More and you do not need to do anything. If you don’t want your existing bank account direct debit to be transferred to us, or you want to make changes to your payment arrangements, you can contact our customer support team on 1800 733 368. You can also make changes to your direct debit arrangements via the More Self Care Portal. 
  • More payment options for you
    You’ll also have access to two new payment options – Australia Post (Post Billpay) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

  • Access to the Self Care Portal
    By 1 July, you’ll get access to our Self Care Portal, allowing you to easily manage your services. To access the More Self Care Portal, simply click the link in the email IF Telecom sent you regarding the change, to generate your new Password and login. 
What's not changing.
Everything else stays the same. if you have NBN or VoIP services with IF Telecom, there will be no change to these services or plans, including the monthly plan fee.

Who is more?

More is one of Australia’s fastest growing telcos, founded in 2013 by NBN veteran brothers Andrew and Richard Branson (not related to Sir Richard Branson 😊).

The Commonwealth Bank acquired a 25% shareholding in More in mid-2021. Our mobile plans are provided using parts of Telstra’s 5G, 4G and 3G mobile network (depending on the plan), and our nbn® plans are provided using Vocus and NBN Co infrastructure.

We are also a proud supporter of Small Change Big Change and have a carbon neutral workforce through our partnership with Greenfleet. To find out more, click here.


If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. You can contact us via the following channels:


Call Us On 1800 733 368

Sales & Customer Service

8:30am – 6pm (Weekdays) AET
Overseas: +61391230940
WhatsApp: +61480096696

Technical Support

7am – Midnight (Weekdays) AET
8am – 8pm (Weekends) AET
Overseas: +61391230940
WhatsApp: +61480096696

Self Care Portal

To access the More Self Care Portal,
simply click the link in the email IF Telecom
sent you regarding the change, to generate
your new Password and login.

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